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Перевод с английского языка adapt на русский


приспосабливать, пригонять, прилаживать; регулировать

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  v.  1) приспосабливать, пригонять, прилаживать (to, for)  2) refl. приспосабливаться, применяться,  3) адаптировать, сокращать и упрощать  4) переделывать to adapt a novel - инсценировать роман Syn: accommodate, adjust, conform, fit, reconcile Ant: derange, disarrange, discompose, disjoint dislocate, displace, dissent, misfit, resist ...
Англо-русский словарь
  1. приспособлять to adapt plans to suit new circumstances —- изменять планы в соответствии с новыми обстоятельствами to adapt smth. to the needs of the people —- приспособить что-л. к нуждам людей these tractors have been adapted —- в конструкцию этих тракторов были внесены некоторые модификации 2. приспосабливаться, адаптироваться, применяться к one must adapt to circumstances —- нужно применяться к обстоятельствам; нужно действовать по обстоятельствам 3. адаптировать, переделывать, облегчать to adapt a book —- адаптировать книгу 4. экранизировать, инсценировать to adapt a novel —- инсценировать роман to adapt smth. for the screen —- экранизировать что-л. a play adapted for the radio —- радиопостановка по пьесе ...
Новый большой англо-русский словарь
  гл. 1) приспосабливать, адаптировать 2) переделывать ADAPT гл. 1) общ. приспосабливать, адаптироваться (к новым условиям, напр.) ability to adapt — способности к адаптации to be well-adapted to smth. — быть хорошо приспособленным к чему-л. Syn: accommodate 2) общ. переделывать, модифицировать, адаптировать (сделать годным для употребления в каких-либо целях) to adapt a novel for the screen — экранизировать роман 3) общ. адаптировать (что-л.) ...
Англо-русский Русско-английский экономический словарь
  v. 1 tr. a (foll. by to) fit, adjust (one thing to another). b (foll. by to, for) make suitable for a purpose. c alter or modify (esp. a text). d arrange for broadcasting etc. 2 intr. & refl. (usu. foll. by to) become adjusted to new conditions. Derivatives adaptive adj. adaptively adv. Etymology: F adapter f. L adaptare (as AD-, aptare f. aptus fit) ...
Толковый словарь английского языка Oxford English Reference
   verb  Etymology: French or Latin; French ~er, from Latin ~are, from ad- + aptare to fit, from aptus apt, fit  Date: 15th century  transitive verb to make fit (as for a specific or new use or situation) often by modification  intransitive verb to become ~ed  • ~edness noun Synonyms:  ~, adjust, accommodate, conform, reconcile mean to bring one thing into correspondence with another. ~ implies a modification according to changing circumstances ~ed themselves to the warmer climate. adjust suggests bringing into a close and exact correspondence or harmony such as exists between parts of a mechanism adjusted the budget to allow for inflation. accommodate may suggest yielding or compromising to effect a correspondence accommodated his political beliefs in order to win. conform applies to bringing into accordance with a pattern, example, or principle refused to conform to society's values. reconcile implies the demonstration of the underlying compatibility of things that seem to be incompatible tried to reconcile what he said with what I knew. ...
Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary
  (adapts, adapting, adapted) 1. If you adapt to a new situation or adapt yourself to it, you change your ideas or behaviour in order to deal with it successfully. The world will be different, and we will have to be prepared to adapt to the change... They have had to adapt themselves to a war economy. = adjust VERB: V to n, V pron-refl to n, also V 2. If you adapt something, you change it to make it suitable for a new purpose or situation. Shelves were built to adapt the library for use as an office. = modify VERB: V n, also V n to n 3. If you adapt a book or play, you change it so that it can be made into a film or a television programme. The scriptwriter helped him to adapt his novel for the screen... The film has been adapted from a play of the same title. VERB: V n, V n 4. see also adapted ...
Collins COBUILD Advanced Learner's English Dictionary
  ~ W3 v 1 to gradually change your behaviour and attitudes so that you get used to a new situation and can deal with it successfully  (The children are finding it hard to adapt to their new school. | plants that have adapted themselves to desert conditions) 2 to change something so that it can be used in a different way or for a different purpose  (The car's fuel system was adapted to take unleaded gas.) + for  (The materials can be adapted for use with older children.) 3 be well adapted to to be particularly suitable for something  (Alpine flowers which are well adapted to the harsh Swiss winters) 4 to change a book or play so that it can be made into a film, television programme etc  (- compare adjust) ...
Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
  - early 15c., from M.Fr. adapter, from L. adaptare "adjust," from ad- "to" + aptare "join," from aptus "fitted." ...
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